November 15, 2012

Its Winter! and Holiday Shopping!

Rambling Thoughts: 

It finally feels like winter! Its cold and I am loving wearing my sweaters and cozy knits! I have to stop myself from attacking the shop items to find a scarf or cowl that matches my outfit! Guess its time for more "selfish" knitting... I did find myself casting on multiple projects because I was cold and thought for some reason that starting a pair of socks, a scarf, and hat would warm me up. (Only took about an hour of shivering and knitting to raid my closet for wooly goodies!)

Oh! I have also been thinking about the upcoming holidays and cooking! We went shopping and have almost all the ingredients for our weeklong thanksgiving feast! We have started a tradition of enjoying our meals the whole week instead of having ONE big meal we have a weeklong of delishness and are able to actually appreciate the food!

I am planning on making individual mini apple and pumpkin pies this year. I have an extra large muffin tin and love the idea of getting to eat a WHOLE pie instead of just a slice! We will see how it goes! 

On a completely different topic.... 
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